Held on 12TH– 14TH May, 2017 at Doko hotel Minna, Niger State, Nigeria

Theme: The Role of the RCEs in the attainment of the SDGs in Nigeria.

The RCEs in Nigeria, under the auspices of the African RCEs, for the first time organised the 1st Nigeria RCEs Forum Interactive Session to meet and discuss the The Role of RCEs in the attainment of the SDGs in Nigeria”. Currently, there are about 154 acknowledged RCEs across the globe, 35 in Africa and 5 in Nigeria. The 5 acknowledged RCEs in Nigeria are; RCE Kano, RCE Lagos, RCE Minna, RCE Port Harcourt and RCE Zaria. Representatives of 4 out of the 5 RCEs in Nigeria were in attendance.   

The theme for the 2017 Nigerian RCEs interactive Session focused on the need to strengthen capacities of RCEs for multi-stakeholder engagement, implementation and monitoring of the SDGs targets. The theme desires to form a cohort of concerned stakeholders to serve as champions of the SDGs and to help monitor intended projects and contributes their own quota towards the success of the 15year long project. The session provided a platform for Nigerian RCEs to develop concrete and achievable action plans and to help monitor and implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) going forward.

The programme was with the support of Niger state government. Other partners were, New Partnership for African Development (NEPAD) Niger state, Zuma Royal Institute, Niger state and the Nigeria Environmental Society (NES) Niger state Chapter.

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