Major challenge to education during the Covid-19 pandemic was that of access to education and education materials through online medium. RCE Minna initiated the ‘Equal Access for All’ (EA4A) to address the inequality in education delivery during the pandemic

Why the programme was initiated:

  • Some private school had a very robust online learning platform.
  • Many public schools lack effective online system, where it exists, the students are not prepared for it.
  • Cost of access, even though insignificant, not affordable to average students.

RCE Minna initiated the EA4A Online education solution to indigent members of the public to provide:

  • Access to online learning.
  • Online examination registration for students.
  • Online result checking.

Timing and requirement.

  • The RCE Minna Equal Access to Online education solution is open 3 times a week: Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays.
  • Must present student identification card or examination slip;
  • Students needs to register in advance via RCE Minna EA4A portal on RCE Minna “Equal Access 4 All” (EA4A) project

We have youth volunteers that manage the programme and assist the students in the process.