Green Fingers

Green fingers anthem

The Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) Minna initiated the Green Finger Programme (GFP) geared towards empowering and sparking the young ones to take action in safeguarding the environment and to become champions of environmental sustainability, though capacity building and hands on training on environment sustainability and other related issues from a tender age.

The GFP is an environmental programme designed to teach children between the ages of 4 – 8 years, the causes and consequences of environmental degradation due to human activities and making them understand they can contribute in reducing these negative effects. The programme had among its components issues that address health, water, sanitation, environmental awareness and protection of our ecology, SDGs and tree planting particularly multipurpose trees with nutritional medicinal benefit.

Tree planting, especially fruits trees provide multiple benefit to human beings and the environment by conserving the fragile ecosystem and providing the health and well being of the population in other to foster environmental sustainability and culture of protecting our ecosystem as well as ensuring uninterrupted supply of fruits. There is need to instill the culture of tree planting, most especially fruits trees among the younger generations.

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