The acronym TSIRA stands for The Sustainable Initiative for Responsible Adulthood.

To foster peaceful coexistence within communities in Minna, Curb youth restiveness through social cohesion, life skills training and sustainability empowerment.

Youth restiveness has become a topical issue for discussion in the social, economic and political domain in Nigeria. It is a fact that Nigeria cannot thrive and progress significantly with youth who are restive. Nigeria’s peace, security and corporate exist6ence as a nation are threatened because of the prevalence of this phenomenon (Akpokighe and Ejovi, 2020). The causes of youth restiveness are connected to unemployment, lack of inadequate social amenities amongst others. The spirally effects of youth restiveness are evident in Nigeria as ethnic militia, kidnapping, cultism, armed robbery, agitations and involvement in social insecurity. These and many other vices have gravitated to more damning security challenges for Nigeria such as the Boko Haram Terrorist sect.

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